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    About is an eCommerce website owned by the International Joint Stock Company (HNC).

    Founded in 2007 with the main business line is international courier, HNC realized the potential and demand for buying and sending goods from abroad to Vietnam is extremely huge. 

    Since then, HNC has gradually expanded delivery network in many countries including the United States, Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany, Britain, Canada, France, Spain, Czech, China to Vietnam. and become a prestige bridge between the big brands abroad with Vietnamese consumers.

    All  information data, product prices from Amazon of USA, Japan and major world-wide website systems are fully updated on in real time to help customers experience the full promotions abroad. The system automatically calculates the shipping and import duties to help customers understand the package costs to receive products in Vietnam in just few seconds. gives its ​​loyalty to its core values ​​to be the number one choice for every customer:

    - Excellent service quality, fast and convenient delivery

    - Competitive price, suitable for many customers

    - Package services from A to Z help customers avoid risks, cost and time savings

    - on line Track & Trace help customers know the progress of goods shipping

    - Fast and safe clearance services - Free delivery inner the city of Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh

    - Compensation up to 100% with subjective faults of



    HNC International JSC in Hanoi - Vietnam

    2st Floor, CT4 Vimeco 2, Nguyen Chanh, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi

    Fax: (024) 3795 1916

    Hotline: 0868.916.699 / 0898.916.699