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    Information privacy policy

    1. The Purpose of Application

    This Privacy Policy and the sharing of this information is to ensure the security of information relating to organizations and individuals who access or trade on the website owned by HNC International Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as "HNCMUA").

    Customer access to or performance of transactions on HNCMUA is understood to mean that Customer has read, understood and agrees to comply with this Policy, including amendments to this Policy. The revised version of this Policy (if any) will take effect 5 days after the date of amendment of the Policy notified on HNCMUA.

    2. Specific provisions - On Information collection:

    When Customer performs the transaction and / or opens an account at HNCMUA, Customer must, from time to time, provide certain information necessary for the execution of the transaction and / or registration of the account ("Update Customer Information ").

    It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the information provided by Customer is complete and accurate and that it is kept up-to-date to ensure completeness and accuracy. HNCMUA is not responsible for resolving any disputes if the information provided by Customer is inaccurate or untrue or counterfeit.

    - On the preservation and security of personal information:

    All Customer Information, as well as information exchanged between Customers and HNCMUA, are kept and secured by the HNCMUA system.

    HNCMUA has appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized access and use of Customer Information. HNCMUA also regularly coordinates with security experts to update the latest information on network security to ensure the safety of Customer Information when accessing, registering for account opening and / or using the features of HNCMUA. When collecting data, HNCMUA keeps and maintains customer information in the server system and this client information is secured by the firewall system, access controlling measures, data encryptation.

    The payment information of our customers is protected by international standards with the principle of not recording important card data (card number, name, CVV number) on HNCMUA system. Customer's payment transaction is carried out on the system of affiliated bank with HNCMUA.

    HNCMUA does not allow any third parties to track or collect Customer information on the HNCMUA website.

    For closed accounts we will keep your Personal Information and Access for purposes of fraud prevention, investigations, inquiries, etc. These Personal Information will be kept by us on the server up to 12 months from the date the customer closes the account on HNCMUA. Once this period expires, we will proceed to permanently delete the Customer's Personal Information.
    Clients must not have any use of tools or programs to illegally intervene in the system or change the data structure of HNCMUA, Clients must not have any action to spread, encourage for the purpose of interfering with, disrupting or infiltrating the data of the HNCMUA system and action that is prohibited by Vietnamese law. In cases where we find that you have committed fraud or unauthorized disclosures, we have the right to transfer your Personal Information to the appropriate authorities for processing as stipulated by the laws.

    - About the use of Customer Information:

    HNCMUA has the right to use the information that Customer provided, including but not limited to Customer Information to:
    Providing services / facilities to Customers based on the needs and habits of Customers when accessing HNCMUA; Sending notices, exchanging information between customers with HNCMUA, other websites of HNC INTERNATIONAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY, or vice versa; Detecting, preventing fraudulent activity, sabotage of Customer's account or Identity counterfeit activities on HNCMUA; Contact, contact support with customers in special cases.

    - On affiliation with other websites:

    Customers are responsible for protecting their account information and do not provide any information related to the HNCMUA account and password on other websites except when logging in to the official HNCMUA website at Customer is responsible for issues arising when customers access to HNCMUA from other websites not the official website of HNCMUA.

    - About the sharing of Customer Information HNCMUA does not provide Customer Information to any third party except in the case of compliance with the requirements of the competent State authorities or in accordance with the law , or when the provision of such information is necessary for HNCMUA to provide services / facilities to Customer (for example, provide the necessary forwarding information for the transport partner units ...).

    In addition to the above mentioned cases, HNCMUA will give specific notice to Customer when disclosing Customer Information to a third party. In this case, HNCMUA is committed to disclosing Customer Information only with the consent of Customer.

    - HNCMUA may share Customer Information for the following purposes:

    Market research and analysis reports: HNCMUA may use Customer Information to market research, synthesize and analyze Customer's general information (eg average age, geographical area), detailed information will be hidden and used only to serve statistical work. In the case that HNCMUA conducts the survey requiring Customer participation, any responses to surveys or opinion polls provided to HNCMUA by Customer will not be forwarded to any third party.

    Exchanging customer information with partners who have signed the agreement to care customer with HNCMUA: HNCMUA can share customer information for HNCMUA's affiliate partners and other local and international websites. This sharing helps HNCMUA to provide customers with information about products and services related to goods, services and other issues that you may be interested in. In the case that HNCMUA 's affiliated companies are granted access to Customer Information, they will strictly comply with the provisions described in this Policy.

    Customer Information Exchange with the 3rd parties who are partners, agents of HNCMUA: HNCMUA can transfer Customer Information to agents and subcontractors for data analysis, marketing and customer service support. HNCMUA may also exchange Customer Information with the third parties for the purposes of fraud prevention and credit risk reduction.
    Exchanging Customer Information with other business units that HNCMUA plans to merge or acquire: In this case, HNCMUA will require those units to comply strictly with this Policy.

    - Contact, and explain for inquiries:

    Whenever customers need support, please call HNCMUA hotline: 0868 91 66 99 / 0898 91 66 99, call center 1900558866 hoặc email to: