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    Comprehensive online sales website prestige in the US

    Want to buy yourself some items on the US online sales site? Are you wondering what pages are really reliable to buy? Here are some of the most popular online shopping websites in the US.

    1. Amazon .com - the largest online shopping website in the world

    Among US online shopping sites, this is considered to be the largest US website and also the largest site in the world. Currently, Amazon has expanded its operations across most of the world. Amazon's volume is considered the world leader.

    At Amazon you can buy all kinds of merchandise, from personal items to meaningful gifts, from home appliances to high-tech products. Especially thanks to the high charter capital, Amazon has the ability to enhance promotions, discounts to stimulate consumption, every day this site has a discount.

    2. Ebay .com is a reputable buying site in the US

    Currently, ebay is one of the largest and most prestigious e-commerce websites in the US. This is one of the pioneers in e-commerce as well as in the world.

    At ebay, customers can buy online and auction all kinds of items in the US such as Iphone, laptops, jewelry, antiques, clothes, shoes, I ... and a lot of items that you can not find in Vietnam.

    Ebay's quality is always appreciated, reaching the standards of the US and the world. This is the basis for ebay to develop continuously over the years.

    3. Frys .com is the largest electronics website

    Among the US web order, this is a web specializing in selling all kinds of electronic items prestige in America. This Web sells only electronic items in all areas.

    You can use the world's most advanced electronics at this site. The products of always ensure the quality and competitive price.

    Here you can own items that are not available in Vietnam. This is the most prestigious electronic address of the US that customers should choose.

    4. Target .com: is a reputable online sales website that Americans are quite confident in. This brand sells a variety of different items and you can enjoy shopping here.

    5. Victoriassecret .com:

    This is the website of victoria's secret company known for women's underwear, perfume, lotion, etc.

    6. Overstock .com:

    This is a web site specializing in furniture, fashionable clothing and electronics.

    7. Macys .com:

    This is the Macy's website in the US. At Macys, you can find all kinds of fashionable clothes and fashion accessories for men and women.

    8. Levi .com:

    This is Levi's fashion website.

    9. Usa.tommy .com:

    This is the famous fashion brand Tommy in the US.

    10. Compusa .com:

    This is a site dedicated computer, computer components, television, camera in the United States.

    11. Lacoste .com:

    This is the site of famous fashion brand Lacoste.

    12. Costco .com:

    This site has a lot of items being sold such as clothing, shoes, computers, functional foods, jewelry, sports items, ...

    13. Forever21 .com:

    This is the website selling groceries for women fashion such as clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry ...

    14. Shopping .com:

    This is an online shopping site aggregator that aggregates a wide range of items from reputable websites in the United States.

    15. Binoculars .com:

    Site specializing in selling telescope instruments, specialized binoculars, all kinds and price ...

    16. Disneystore .com:

    A website dedicated to fashion and electronics items featuring famous Disney movie characters.

    17. Usababy .com:

    This is a website dedicated to selling baby items.

    18. Kmart .com:

    This is the site of US online shopping Supermarket with full items.

    19. Drugstore .com:

    Website specializing in selling drugs, cosmetics, health care, beauty, ...

    20. Rayban .com:

    This is the site of the famous Rayban sunglasses.

    21. Skucllsunlimited .com:

    This is a website specializing in selling animal bones such as antelope, etc.

    The above is a collection of reputable online sales in the United States. Hopefully with the above list you will have more options to buy US and own the best imported US products!