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    Resolving complaints

    Resolving complaints

    HNC is committed to handling complaints and settlement of compensation for customers as follows:

     1. Commitment on Compensation:

    HNC commits to compensate up to 100% of the value of goods when the lost, breakage or damage of products occur.
    - In case of loss: Compensation up to 100% of the goods value based on the declaration of delivery.
    - In case of breakage or failure: Compensation according to damaged rates (verified by the HNC), but not exceeding 100% of the goods value under the declaration of consignment.

    2. Commitment to handle complaints and compensation will be released within 7 working days of receiving the complaint information from the customers.

    3. Compensation process and Records of compensation settlementRecords

    4. Responsible for settling HNC claims for compensation

    For any requirement on complaination, compensation, please contact HNC to be supported immediately.

    Hotline: 0868 91 66 99/0898 91 66 99

    Operator: 1900558866