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    Terms of use

    Welcome to - e-commerce website owned by HNC International Joint Stock Company under the Business Registration Certificate No. 0305141894, issued by Business Registration Office - Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi City issued the 16th change on April 12nd 2017.

    Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before ordering any goods or services on the website.


         1.1. Terms and conditions applied to customers:
    - Who buy products sold on and have the need to deliver products to designated locations in accordance with the delivery policy posted on
         1.2. Customers in these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Customer") include:
    - All individuals who have full civil act capacity at least 15 years olds and have assets to make purchases of products on - All organizations established and operating legally in accordance with the law of Vietnam.


          2.1. The price of the Product on may or may not include value added tax as specifically described on the website.
    Price does not include shipping fee. Shipping costs are specified in the delivery policy posted on

         2.2. Customer pays the value of the Order in accordance with the Payment Policy posted on prior to receiving the Product of that Order. When the customer clicks (click) in the "Payment" box to process payment Order means:
    (a) Customer acknowledges that the Order has been reviewed.
    (b) Customer agrees that the Terms and Conditions will apply to the Purchase of the Product in that Order.

        2.3. reserves the right to refuse to accept payment by credit card in certain circumstances under the Payment Policy.

         2.4. To ensure payment safety, customers should note that:

    (a) Only make payment on line at the link window of; (b) Do not lend the card to buy goods at Upon detecting any irregular transactions at, customers should immediately contact the Customer Care Center of (hereinafter referred to as "CCC") for timely processing; (c) In all cases, with an international credit / debit card, please do not disclose your CVV / CVC / CSC number (the security number, the three digit number printed on the back of the card). ) to protect card information;


         3.1. Products will be delivered to the address required by customer as stipulated on the delivery policy.

    In case the customer wants to change the address of receiving the Product, the Customer must call the Customer Care Center to inform the name and contact number of the person designated by the Customer to receive the Product as well as the address of receiving the Product. . The person designated by the Customer to receive the Product on the Order or by telephone as referred to in this Article 3.2 is collectively referred to as the "Goods Receiver".
    In some cases, when requested by, the Goods Receiver must present identification such as ID Card / Citizen ID / Passport so that delivery staff can check before receiving goods.

         3.2. The Goods Receiver must check the Product and sign the Delivery Slip upon receipt of the Product.
    Risk and ownership of the Product will be transferred to Customer since the Goods Receiver signs on the Delivery Slip. Customers need to retain the delivery slip for inspection or to resolve issues that may arise related to the Product (if any).


    The replacement of the Product shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the Exchange or return and refund Policy on


    In case of any inquiries or complaints about the quality of the goods / services, the delivery of the product, the attitude of the shipper ... Customers may contact the Customer Care Center at hotline 0868.916.699 / 0898.916.699 or email
    CCC will receive and respond to customers as soon as possible.


          6.1. Regulations on confidentiality of information of customers comply with the information privacy policy of

         6.2. The provisions on the security of payment information for customers are implemented in accordance with the payment privacy policy posted on


    In case of breakage, loss, misplacement due to subjective error of the company HNC will compensate the customer under the compensation of (accompanied sales policy).


    8.1. The provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Use shall be an integral part of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

         8.2. and Customer are responsible for fulfilling all obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

        8.3 If any of these Terms and Conditions of Use are considered by some authorities to be invalid or unenforceable either  whole or partly, the validity of any other content in these terms and conditions of use will not be affected. 

         8.4. These terms and conditions of use and any arising issues in the contractual relationship between and Customer shall be understood and adjusted in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. Any disputes, differences, claims arising out of or relating to the contents of these Terms and Conditions of Use shall be settled through negotiation in good will within 30 days. If this is not possible within 30 days, the dispute can be resolved at the competent court.